German wind energy in numbers

Numbers and facts

Wind energy has an increasing share of electricity generation in Germany. In 2017, it represented the second largest share of German electricity production for the first time. It was thus ahead of nuclear energy and hard coal.

The graph shows the gross electricity production from onshore and offshore wind energy. The 2017 estimate is a preliminary estimate.

Source: AG Energiebilanzen e.V.

At the end of 2017, there were a total of 28,675 onshore wind turbines in Germany.

Source: WindGuard GmbH

1,792 new onshore wind turbines with a capacity of 5,334 MW were newly installed in 2017. Thus, the asset base grew to a total of 28,675. The total installed capacity of onshore wind energy is 50,777 MW.

Scource: Deutsche Windguard GmbH

Wind energy creates jobs: in 2016 160,200 people were employed in the wind industry. Of which 27,200 people in the field of offshore and 133,000 people in onshore wind energy.

Source: Gesellschaft für wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung im Auftrag des BMWi (2016) bzw. des BWE, VDMA Power Systems und der Offshore-Wind-Industrie-Allianz (bis 2015).