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  • Wind adds 13GW new capacity in 2015: 44% of all new power

    Across the 28 EU member states, wind accounted for 44% of all new power installations, connecting a total of 12.8GW to the grid – 9.766MW in onshore and 3,034MW offshore. The volume of new installations was 6.3% up on 2014. Total wind capacity in Europe now stands at 142GW and covers 11.4% of Europe’s electricity needs.

  • 10th Anniversary of the Wind Energy and Development Dialogue (WEED)

    The anniversary event was opened by Ursula Borak, sub-division head in the BMWi, and by GWEC President Dr. Klaus Rave. It counted more than 100 participants from ten partner countries and from Germany, who seized the opportunity to compare experience and assessments of the opportunities and obstacles of wind energy development with a focus on the target countries Kenya, Ghana, Vietnam and the Philippines.

  • Global Wind Power Back on Track

    GWEC:  Annual market grows by 44%, passes 50 GW for the first time. After a slowdown in 2013, the wind industry set a new record for annual installations in 2014. Globally, 51,477 MW of new wind generating capacity was added in 2014 according to the global wind market statistics released today by the Global Wind Energy Council.

  • Onshore wind energy 2014: Record 4,750 megawatt rise in installations in Germany

    The massive support for the energy transition given by the federal states has made its impact. The wind industry in Germany has been able to install 4,750 megawatts of new capacity in Germany for the first time according to figures established by Deutsche WindGuard on behalf of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and VDMA Power Systems. This represents a growth of 58 per cent over the added capacity in the previous year (2,998 megawatts)

  • Offshore Wind Energy in Germany 2014: The gigawatt mark has been passed

    The German market for offshore wind energy projects broke through the gigawatt barrier last year. By 31 December 2014, 258 offshore wind turbines in the German North and Baltic Seas with a total capacity of 1,049.2 megawatts fed into the grid. This figure was ascertained by Deutsche WindGuard on behalf of the four organisations VDMA Power Systems, the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), the Wind Energy Agency (WAB) and the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation (SOW).

  • 2015 decisive for Energiewende

    “2015 will be a decisive year for the energy transition’s success. Policies have been implemented to create a fair marketplace, preparations made to further develop the EEG, and there are plans to rollout reverse auctions – an idea we oppose. At the moment, we are still going down the right path. Whether we continue to do so depends on how the legislature paves the way further,” Hermann Albers, President of the German Wind Energy Association (BW EE), stated at the beginning of the year."

    Latest News and Press Releases

    • 26. Sep 2016

      People can power the energy revolution

      Press release // Brussels. Over half of citizens in the European Union could be generating their own renewable electricity by 2050, according to new research released today [1].The research outlines the potential for citizen-owned renewable energy projects in Europe, where 264 million “energy citizens” could generate 45% of the European Union’s electricity needs by 2050 – as part of a democratised energy system [2].

    • 27. Jul 2016

      Expansion of onshore wind energy in Germany in the first half of 2016

      Press release // Strong expansion before the switch to tendering. With a net capacity of 1,892 megawatts in the first six months of the year, 2016 looks like being a good year for land-based wind energy expansion. This strong expansion is being driven by the allocation of suitable sites and priority areas in many federal states. There has also been a surge of permits in order to secure the option of installing turbines with legally fixed EEG remuneration rates.

    • 19. Jul 2016

      Expansion of offshore wind energy in Germany in the first half of 2016 - Rough sea ahead for offshore wind industry

      Press release // As was to be expected, the number of new offshore wind installations in Germany was relatively moderate in the first six months of the year, with a total capacity of 258 MW going on line. The industry estimates an overall offshore expansion to the tune of 700 MW by the end of the year. The new Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) means troubled waters for the German offshore wind industry. A lower volume of project tenders means the German business base will be more costly and this will mean a loss of jobs. Grid expansion on land is necessary if the energy transition is to succeed.

    • 27. Jun 2016

      Finland: Wind Industry awaits government’s new energy strategy

      News // With an area the size of Germany, but merely 5m inhabitants, good winds, highly qualified staff and an innovation oriented economy there is a considerable potential for the further development of wind energy in Finland. However, uncertainty regarding the future of wind energy support policies after the phase out of the current feed in tariff by end-2017 leaves investors with insecurity.

    • 27. May 2016

      Vestas’ Morten Dyrholm appointed as GWEC’s new Chairman

      News // New Orleans, US – Morten Dyrholm has been appointed as new chairman of GWEC at the Board meeting on Wednesday 25 May alongside AWEA’s WINDPOWER in New Orleans. Morten Dyrholm is the Vice President and Global Head of Marketing and Public Affairs at Vestas Wind. He holds a Masters degree in Political Science and Chinese Politics.

    • 07. Apr 2016

      WindEurope elects new Chairman

      News // EWEA rebranded to "WindEurope" and  has elected Francesco Venturini, Chief Executive Officer of Enel Green Power, as its new chairman. Mr. Venturini was elected for an 18-month term by WindEurope’s Board of Directors, which is comprised of corporate members, national associations and other organisations. He will succeed current WindEurope Chairman Dr. Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens Wind Power & Renewables, who has served in the post since October 2014.

    • 16. Mar 2016

      Renewables create tourist attractions - Energiewende travel guide published in English

      News // Discover and explore the Energiewende - the transformation of the German energy system - in English. The new travel guide “Germany - Experience Renewable Energy“ allows readers to do just that. Edited by the German Renewable Energies Agency (AEE) and funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the travel guide will be published just in time for the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue conference which started on thursday. The richly illustrated guide includes some 200 destinations and a large number of maps. The German version was last published in 2014 as an updated edition.

    • 08. Mar 2016

      Industry stands together to make economic case for wind energy in Poland

      News // News of the European Windenergy Association (EWEA). The European wind industry will descend on Warsaw today to make the economic arguments for wind power in a market that faces increasing uncertainty.