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Consumers pay hidden conventional-energy surcharge for coal and nuclear power

Greenpeace Energy and the German Wind Energy Association present new study / Conventional energy is more expensive than wind and hydro. Berlin/Hamburg – Conventional energy, such as coal and nuclear power, entails much higher costs than those on power bills. Consumers pay these hidden additional costs as taxes, levies, etc

Altmaier and Rösler reach new low with compromise

Last Thursday, German Environmental Minister Altmaier and Industry Minister Rösler produced a position paper that brought German energy policy to a new low. The proposals made by the two ministers will mainly come at the expense of wind power, thereby destabilizing the main pillar of the energy transition.

Wind energy in Germany is cost efficient by international comparison

BWE and VDMA Power Systems publish WindGuard study on the cost situation of onshore wind energy – international comparison. Frankfurt/Berlin. On behalf of VDMA Power Systems and the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), Deutsche WindGuard developed an addition to the cost situation of onshore wind energy study published in autumn 2013 for the purpose of international comparison.

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The full costs of power generation

A comparison of subsidies and societal cost of renewable and conventional energy sources. What are the full costs of power generation? The question is decisive in the debate about our future energy supply, but German power bills only provide part of the answer. While they do separately list the “EEG surcharge” to cover the cost of renewables, a lot of the costs of conventional energy are not included.

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