new energy

new energy

neue energie and new energy are two key sources of information, providing comprehensive coverage about the global renewable energy market. Both periodicals are published by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE e. V.). neue energie is Germany's best selling monthly on renewables.

new energy is a key source of information about the international renewable energy market, providing insight not only to professional operators, planning institutions and manufacturers, but also to all friends and supporters of renewable energy sources. This bimonthly magazine focuses primarily on the current technical, economic and political developments across all forms of renewable energy, including wind, solar, biomass, small-scale hydro, wave and geothermal energy.

new energy contains seven main editorial sections: “Energy Politics” - comprehensive information on major developments in energy legislation and instruments of energy policy. “Country Markets” - reports and interviews depicting the progress in specific national renewable markets. “Business” contains markets reports on financing, as well as company portraits. "Wind Power ", "Solar Power“ and “Bio Power”, provide detailed accounts of the most recent technology and market trends in the various industries. Finally “Energy People” highlights front-runners within the industry.
new energy cooperates with the European Renewable Energy Council.

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