There are nine members of the BWE's management board. Toward the goal of further strengthening wind power in Germany, they optimally complement each other in terms of knowledge and abilities thanks to their different personal backgrounds.

The management board is entrusted with the task of conducting business in compliance with the Association's bylaws and resolutions reached by the assembly of delegates. The management board is elected for two years. If reelected, their term is extended for another two years. The president and another member of the management board represent the Association in court and out of court.

The chairpersons of the following committees also take part in management board meetings with voting rights: investment committee, operator committee, financing committee, manufacturer and supplier committee, and one of the chairpersons representing the planning, site review, expert, legal, plant management, and scientific committees.

Board members:

  • Hermann Albers President
  • Dr. Martin Grundmann Vice President
  • Dr. Sandra Hook Vice President
  • Roman Denter Secretary
  • Merle Steinhauer Treasurer
  • Claas Arlt Member
  • Heinrich Bartelt Member
  • Raimund Kamm Member
  • Lars Rotzsche Member

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