The German Wind Energy Association currently has ten committees and six working groups.

Here, highly motivated members discuss and solve current problems and come up with long-term strategies for crucial issues within the industry. Within their areas of expertise, they are crucial platforms for the sharing of information. The specific content that these experts produce leads to scientific studies, and the norms they come up with set the standard for the entire wind sector. The chairman of each committee is represented on the BWE's management board and can therefore directly influence the Association's policies.
Working groups are quickly put together to allow the Association to react to current issues and problems. They can act quickly and get additional third-party experts on board.

The committees:

Investment committee
Operator committee and operator forums
Plant management committee
Financing committee
Manufacturer and supplier committee
Legal committee
Planning committee
Expert committee
Site review committee
Scientific committee

The working groups:

Aviation obstruction markers
Public relations
Nature conservation & wind energy
Rotor blade
Continued operation of WTG's
Market transformation

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