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  • Offshore wind energy in Germany: growth figures for the first half of 2017

    108 offshore wind turbines with a combined capacity of 626 megawatts (MW) were brought online by 30 June 2017. Sandbank and Veja Mate, offshore wind farm projects in the North Sea, were completed on schedule, and expansion is progressing steadily. Results from round one of the offshore auction reached a milestone, demonstrating high investor confidence in offshore industry innovation and cost-cutting plans.

  • The Wind Industry Is a Strong Employer in Germany

    The onshore and offshore wind industries directly and indirectly supported a total of 143,000 jobs in 2015, generating revenues of about EUR 13 billion. The wind industry has become a vital employer from Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria. This is the finding of an analysis, “Beschäftigung in Deutschland durch Windenergie” [Employment in Germany’s Wind Industry], presented by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), VDMA Power Systems and the Offshore Wind Industry Alliance (OWIA).

  • Analysis of the German market in 2016 and outlook for 2017

    The German wind industry grew by about 4,625 megawatts (4,259 MW net), thus reaching the anticipated increase of almost a quarter over the previous year, and very nearly the 2014 level. Thanks to further technological development it has been possible to install system-supporting and highly efficient turbines in all regions of Germany. Success is also increasing on the world market.

  • Second State-of-the-Energy-Union Report: BEE - Current Conclusion

    The Commission, and in particular VP Šefčovič, has engaged in extensive talks with Member States’ (MS) governing bodies and, with the Winter Package, presents proposals that slow down the chances and possibilities of an energy transition towards a system based on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

  • Offshore Wind Power in Germany: Expansion Figures for 2016

    Last year, 156 new offshore wind turbines with an overall capacity of 818 megawatts fed their power into the German grid for the first time. This brought the total number of turbines on grid by the end of 2016 to 947, with a total capacity of 4,108 megawatts. In all positive figures according to the Working Group for Offshore Wind Energy (AGOW), the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, VDMA Power Systems and the WAB Wind Energy Agency.

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