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In repowering, modern turbines replace first-generation wind turbines. There are benefits at a number of levels. For instance, the number of turbines can be cut in half even as output is doubled, resulting in a more efficient use of sites when three times as much energy is produced. Over the next few years, the annual market could be as big as 1,000 MW, equivalent to around one half billion euros in sales.

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German wind turbine market enjoys stable growth - The wind industry faces major challenges on the world market.

Berlin. The substantial growth experienced by the German wind energy industry last year was followed by a stable upwards trend on the home market in the first six months of this year. This was confirmed by the findings of a current manufacturer survey conducted by Deutsche WindGuard on behalf of Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. (Federal Association of Wind Energy, BWE) and VDMA Power Systems: 414 new wind turbines with a total capacity of 1,004 megawatts went online.

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