• The full costs of power generation

    A comparison of subsidies and societal cost of renewable and conventional energy sources. What are the full costs of power generation? The question is decisive in the debate about our future energy supply, but German power bills only provide part of the answer. While they do separately list the “EEG surcharge” to cover the cost of renewables, a lot of the costs of conventional energy are not included.

  • Community Wind Power

    Local energy for local people. The brochure shows in detail the special things that can happen when wind farms are planned and built with intensive input from local people. The brochure provides an overview of the potential and the experience already gained with various kinds of investment forms for completed wind farm projects.

  • Wind Energy Market 2012

    Yearbook Service, Technology and Markets. The 2012 edition focused on: Wind energy inland, perspectives on offshore wind energy as well as the continously growing small wind energy sector. An other subject are service and maintenance.

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